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fics from frostywonder and general search

i am curious if there are other fics from frostywonder with h/d pairing other than Domestic and Of Apathetic Twinges? i like her writing style and the two fics were both wonderful. i searched on the internet but couldn't really find anything. are these the only two with h/d pairing?

and also, i would like to ask if there are fics out there, that aren't that popular ( i already searched through the whole community with creature!harry or draco and know most of the popular ones already) with either of them as a creature and harry being very possessive/dominant/protective/powerful/dark/etc.? i would prefer bottom!draco or mainly bottom!draco (so that i just know from reading only that draco is a bottom, though he doesn't need to be a sub). if there is switching, can you please forewarn me? :)
any recs are welcome!

squicks: non-con or dub-con when it isn't harry/draco (i.e. when draco is raped by other characters other than harry)-> yeah, don't know why i tolerate harry raping draco, but i have this happy ending in my mind... ^^U
otherwise any kink is allowed! -> rimming, alpha/omega, fisting, bestiality, master/slave, knotting, bottoming from the top, etc.

i really hope someone can help me in this, because somehow i am getting a bit desperate in finding new fics that i haven't read yet. ^^U
thanks in advance!!
Tags: - fic search, content:creature!fic, content:creature/mate, genre:smut, pair:harry/draco
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