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05 June 2015 @ 03:35 am

1) the act or process of transforming
2) the state of being transformed
3) a change in form, appearance, nature, or character


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26 May 2016 @ 11:06 am
Hi Everyone!
I have three fics that I read a long time ago and now I'm looking to read them again, but don't remember what they're called or even which site I read them on.

First fic: I don't remember much of this one other than a scene where Harry and Draco are pretending to be all over each other in front of Slughorn as a way to extract information from him. Harry was uncomfortable, but surprised at how convincing Draco acted. I know it's vague, but I suddenly remembered this scene and wanted to re-read the fic since I clearly do't remember much of it lol

Second fic: This was a fic of Harry having lost his marbles after the war. He takes inspiration from Lord of the Rings(I think..) and tries to cut the Dark Mark from Draco's arm for his own good. It was a post-war Hogwarts fic and Harry attacks Draco by tying him to the bed.

Third fic: Draco just joined the Aurors and Harry is assigned to be his partner to keep an eye on him. Their first mission is to rescue a cat from a tree inside a cave which traps them inside and the only way out is to do what an inscription inside the cave tells them to do. I think to get out they had to make something pure, impure and they argue about who has violate the cat. They get out of the cave (without violating the cat) and turns out it was a prank and the cat was a transfigured paperweight. Also, Hermione is not who you think she is.

If anyone can help me out, that would be great! Thanks!
26 May 2016 @ 12:22 am
Looking for a Severus Snape/Draco fic. Can't remember where I read it. I'm pretty sure it had Draco wanting Snape, he might've been kinda youngish? I can't remember, I just know he hasn't been marked yet. Anyway, Snape tries to resist the temptation of Draco but eventually succumbs and begins a sexual relationship with him. I think he started out gentle and slowly started to get more rough with Draco? I know there was a shower scene with them. Harry is out one night and sees Draco sneaking around I think and gets suspicious so he follows Draco to Snape's room. Harry then tells McGonagall or Dumbledore and Dumbledore confronts Snape and fires him. It might've been incomplete. I'm not sure. But if anyone can tell me where to find it that'd be great
21 May 2016 @ 11:41 am
hi fellow Bottom Draco fans, i need help finding a specific fic that i'm too stupid not to save at that time and now i can't find it and google has failed me for a few months i'm trying to find it by myself. and i hope you all can help me here. so here goes the story...

the fic is after war, draco and harry have a secret relationship. pansy keeps reminding Draco not too involved or fall in love with harry because in the end harry will hurt draco. draco didn't care, he was pretty sure that harry is in love with him eventhough their relationship hidden from the wizarding world and even from harry's friend. one day when draco get back from work harry asked him to break up because he wants a family ( wife and kids and the lovey dovey image of marriage and families) which draco can't give. the break up kills draco and he fell into depression and alcohol (or some kind of potion) addiction. in the end he was sent to st. Mungos and rehabilitation place ( i think Blaise recommend the place). and i think hermione treated draco for a short time before he goes to rehab place. and at the same time Ginny (who is already married to Harry were in st. Mungos giving birth to their first child).

draco finally recovered from the addiction, i remember there's a scene where he commented about the rehab's trolley cart and he confessed to the mind healer that he is afraid to go out of the rehab place. after he was released draco went all over the world (tokyo and another place to do work and leave pansy and blaise). after a few years ( i think it's a few years, the story timeline is quite long, but it's actually a one shot if i'm not mistaken) draco is back to england and met a guy (muggle) in his apartment and then draco help the new guy moved in to the apartment. they became friends, the guy is a muggle and a writer. when the relationship starts to become more draco almost had a breakdown and called his long time healer from the rehab. eventually they become lover and draco confessed that he is a wizard, which his muggle lover feels unfazed of because he has a cousin (or a family) that is also a wizard. i remember he only commented "i knew you were an angel baby". (at some time of their relationship pansy and blaise met the muggle guy because they want to know who draco with and make sure that draco isn't get hurt again).

in the end the story POV switch to harry. it seems that the lovely marriage that he wants so much turns out to be a dull marriage (except for having kids). he feels empty inside. the last scene is when harry go to pick albus to his friend's house. and what a shocked it is, turns out the father of albus's friend is draco. draco who is married to his muggle lover and had kids ( i think it wasn't mention as an mpreg fic. draco who is married and seems happy. after harry is home he cried, i think he regretted hurting draco and not brave enough to keep having relationship with draco. yes, it's not a happy ending fic (at least for harry part) i remembered feeling satisfied because harry is hurt (talk about karma!! yay).

so... anybody know and remember this story?? i'd really love to read it again and recommend it to my friend.

FOUND! Thank You!
21 May 2016 @ 03:32 am
Hi please help, i am looking for several fics that i have missplaced,dont know if they got deleted cause i dont remember the author or title. I just remember certain facts in them if someone could help i would be really grateful.

1. Harry disappeared and left draco who he was in a relationship with,dracos dad finds him at some clocktower i think and he is quite the bad boy he goes back to hogwarts wants draco back but draco says no even though he still wants him harry takes drugs he is best friends with Neville and Seamus or dean he sleeps with the later. They can all sort of shape shift and harry forms a band to sing to draco hoping he comes back to him.

2. Its some sub dom universe and draco goes to some club even though he is not allowed i think hes 1 year under the drinking age. Everytime he goes hes put in time out and he gets together with two people the club owner and his submissive who is a switch. Dracos mum trained one of dracos doms and harry was severus submissive.

3. Harry's magic is going whack and has a mind of its own they call it fuzz and it loves is possessive and overprotective of draco they move in with Sirius.

4. It was quite a long fic and harry was some creature he disappeared and lived with Dumbledore draco got pregnant and it was in some kind of sack he got kidnapped by some other creatures that were at war with harrys race i think ron was really supportive and calm about everything in the fic.

5. Scorpious went to harry and harry went through his past lifes in every life he was possessive and in love with draco but it never worked out in one draco was Hermiones lover who was a man and harry killed the draco in that timeline because of that.

Hopefully someone knows.at least one of the fics im talking about. I seriously need to learn to download if i like the fic that much.
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17 May 2016 @ 11:01 pm
Hi guys,

I think I accidentally deleted this fic from my bookmark. It would be much appreciated if you guys can help me find it.

It is an mpreg fic. It begins with the students going back to Hogwarts on the train, but a fight between Draco and the Gryffindors started, and Harry throws a hex at Draco that he thinks meant to tie up his stomach. Harry was uncertain that he threw a correct spell and Hermione also heard what he said and thinks Harry said something else entirely instead. Later on Draco found out that he is pregnant and knows that Harry is responsible for the butchered hex. At first Draco wants the spell to be undone, but after a while he got attached to the baby and wants to keep it. Somehow they got close and fall in love and a happy ending.

Thanks in advanced!
15 May 2016 @ 10:36 pm
Im looking for any damsel-in-distress!Draco please!!
B!Draco of course, I love H/D but i wouldn't mind another pair as long as it has damsel-in-distress!Draco and no Main Character Death

The longer the better if it's incomplete, i like everything as long as it has a happy ending!! Thank you 😊😘
15 May 2016 @ 11:02 pm

I'm looking for any time traveling fics (preferably harry/draco) where one of them goes to the past to fix things and it's really plotty like harry became a really powerful figure in the wizarding community through schemes and planning. Or maybe the plot just centers on harry going to the past to end up with draco or something of the like. I can't seem to find any or at least really good written ones that both have that plot and romance in it so if anyone knows a fic like it pls share the blessings XD

thank you!
15 May 2016 @ 01:11 pm

For those who have sent me requests for the deleted fics I have, I deeply apologize for taking too long to respond to any of the requests. Please send me your request once again to kowda_ellesmera@yahoo.com and I will do my best to give my response ASAP. Thank you and sorry again!

The fics are:

Barefoot and Wandless by Clucksy (originally posted on AO3)
Summary: In less enlightened times the way to keep a woman under control had been said to be to keep her barefoot and pregnant. Draco Malfoy can sympathise with that he really can.

Possession by my_sun_and_stars (originally posted on AO3)
Summary: Harry gave a cry of pain: his scar had burned again as something flashed across his mind.
Harry watched as Draco pointed his wand at Rowle, his hand trembling uncontrollably.
Harry licked his lips. The boy was interesting. Very interesting indeed.

Adoptions of the Heart by moonlit2dreams (originally posted on ffnet)
Summary: After the final battle Draco leaves England with a secret. 4 yrs later he returns as the new Charms professor. He returns accompanied by his two three yr old twins. Harry just so happens to live at Hogwarts as well. Love will blossom. Slash Mpreg warning!

P.S: Please send the request to my email, because I check that first before LJ (and it is easier and faster for me to reply). So if you want to receive your request earlier, I suggest you to email me instead. Thank you for your understanding! ^_^